Kozo Komatsubara | Auckland Juggler | Auckland Magician | Circus Performer

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Individual Acts


Clubs and rings fly through the air at high speed and numbers. Kozo's high energy tempo juggling routine will leave you at the edge of your seat. He spins his clubs so fast that your eyes may not be able to keep up with the speed!

This act recently toured New Zealand with Circus Aotearoa and has been simply called the FASTEST juggling act in the country.

This is a great option if you are after a short exciting act for events such as weddings, opening parties, company functions, half time shows or a touring circus/variety type show with a number of acts already lined up.

Act duration: 6 minutes
Technical requirements: Minimum ceiling height of 4 metres.

"Audible gasps escaped from the audience as he tossed the juggling clubs into a blur of motion"
- Gather & Hunt


Watch in wonder as Kozo produces, vanishes, and transforms bright coloured folding fans in ways you could never imagine in this fast paced fan manipulation magic act which is the only one of it's kind being performed in New Zealand.

This act is a popular option for circus, magic shows, variety shows, corporate events, private functions, schools, universities, weddings and event openers.

Act duration: 4 minutes